Benefits of Being an FC Member

Becoming a club member of your favourite football club is something highly beneficial to any football fan. Other than being a step closer to the sports action, you will benefit from many special advantages that only members are eligible for.

For motivation to join your favourite football club as a member, read further to learn about all the advantages and how you might actually be saving yourself some cash.

Ticket Purchases

Depending on which tournaments you are looking at, attending some might be extremely pricey. By being a member of a club, you may be eligible for a good discount for games played by the club you are a member of. Some British football clubs provide member-only access to the sale of late availability tickets before each Premier League Home Game.


Many football clubs run competitions where only the members are capable of taking part. Many of these competitions involve winning tickets to premier and champion leagues which we all know have hefty prices.

Access to Exclusive Merchandise

Many clubs release exclusive merchandise only available to members, and others make it possible for members to purchase the merchandise first. In some cases, there is limited additional exclusive merchandise that sells out to members causing non-members to lose out completely. If you are into club merchandise (especially club shirts), this is an important benefit to consider.


Not only will you qualify for special merchandise and tickets, but you will be getting a discount on most of the standard tickets and merchandise available even to non-club members. Depending on the club you join as a member, you might be getting a permanent discount from the online store as well.

With some of the major London-based football clubs, it is easy to see why so many fans are m=signing up as club members for the great benefits.