Types of Bets on Football

There are many different types of bets to choose from with football on reliable online betting sites. Sure, it’s exciting to just draw on encouragement and try your luck at straight betting, but with betting being a source of entertainment, you might as well make it interesting with a variety of different bets.

The bets discussed below are among the most used bets among football fans and can be used on online sportsbooks.

Correct Score

Do you know what the final score of a match will be? Then correct score is a bet for you. Simply bet on what you think the final score will be on any of the largest football leagues that are available for online betting. With this bet, you can stand a chance of great winnings but betting the exact correct score is not that easy.


This bet is almost the same as the correct score bet but switched up to the score that will be standing at half-time and second half-time of the tournament. If you are a big fan of football with great knowledge of previous wins as well as betting, then this could be lucrative. The best way to bet on half and second half time scores are to carefully examine which players will be playing and which players might be out due to injury or other reasons.

Goal scorer

An easy bet to get started with. This bet will require you to bet on a certain player to score during the match. You can choose between any of the players that are currently playing the same game you are betting on, and it could be a great payout if guessed correctly.

The majority of bets that are used with football are used on online platforms such as BetTarget UK, which provides a variety of betting options and signup bonuses.